Reconditioned Kirby Vacuum cleaners, Kirby vacuum cleaners.

Our reconditioned Kirby Vacuum cleaners are the highest quality.

Our reconditioned Kirby vacuum cleaners have been fully checked and inspected by one of our experienced engineers who are trained to the highest standard by ELI Distribution - the Kirby vacuum specialists.

All Worn parts are replaced and where appropriate they also have any stratches or marks fully polished out, and the aluminium buffed to a near mirror finish. Find out more

For your peace of mind: We personally guarantee our reconditioned Kirby vacuum cleaners for 1 year.

Reconditioned Kirby Vacuums

All of our reconditioned Kirby vacuums are in fantastic condition, we fully strip all of our reconditioned Kirby vacuums and remove every screw, nut and bolt.

Every single Kirby part is then cleaned and if necessary replaced. We fit many new parts to our reconditioned Kirby vacuum cleaners, as standard all of our reconditioned Kirby vacuums have a new brush roller, fan assembly, fill tube, bag and belt. Also if needed we will fit a brand new cable.

Not only do our reconditioned Kirby vacuums perform like they are new, they also look like new as well! All the alloy parts are removed by our technician and restored to as new condition on our high powered polishing machine, where we use a three stage process to fully restore all of the alloy parts. Firstly we slowly cut all the scratches out of the alloy parts. Next we polish out the smaller marks left by the cutting process and then finally we polish with a super fine grade mop and compound to bring back that mirror finish effect your Kirby had when it was brand new.

As you can appreciate, we take great pride in our work, our technicians are trained to uphold the high standards that make ELI Distribution the largest independent Kirby specialist in the UK.

Please note that the sale of Kirby products on this website are not authorised by the Kirby Company, as ELI Distribution have no connection with the Kirby Company whatsoever. However, we do feel that having over 30 years of experience with Kirby vacuums puts us in the best position to meet the needs of Kirby owners in the UK and Europe.