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How do I set the hight on my Kirby? TOP

Adjusting your machine to the proper height ensures that the Kirby will remove as much debris from your carpet as possible.

 Setting it at the proper height maximizes airflow and allows the brush roll to gently, yet effectively agitate your carpeting.

Raise the Power nozzle to the highest setting and turn the Kirby on. Then lower the foot pedal one level at a time until you hear a change in the sound of the motor. Lower the Power Nozzle one more level and your Kirby is now at the proper height for your carpeting.

How do I change a Kirby belt? TOP

With the Kirby in an upright position push the toe-touch lever all the way to the floor to raise the Kirby as high as it will go. Expose the nozzle on the Kirby by lifting the headlight cap. Release the belt tension by using the L-shaped handle on the belt lifter turning it all the way to the left (counter-clockwise) until the red arrows line up. Unlock the lever lock at the top of the nozzle and remove the nozzle from the unit. Unlock the rug plate by unhooking the two latches on the rear of the nozzle and remove it from the nozzle. Note the brush roll setting, which is indicated by a number or a series of notches. (See the next question for more information on the brush roll setting.) Turn the belt lifter to the right (clockwise) until the green arrows line up to release the belt from the belt lifter hook. Lift out the brushroll. Slide the old belt off and replace with a new belt. Replace the brushroll making sure each end is on the same setting. Replace the rug plate and making sure that the new belt is in the center of the brushroll, turn the belt lifter to the left (counter-clockwise) until the red arrows line up. (it will be hard to turn, as it is a new belt that you are stretching) Re-attach the nozzle to the Kirby locking it into place. Once it is locked onto the Kirby, turn the belt lifter to the right (clockwise) until the green arrows line up. This will release the belt off the hook and onto the motor shaft.

How do I change my Kirby roller brush? TOP

The brush roll has three settings (indicated by notches or numbers) on each side. You can adjust the height of the brush roll as it wears. The greater the number of notches, the farther the bristles are extended. To change the settings, follow instructions as replacing a belt, but when installing the brush roll, adjust the settings as desired. Always make sure they are on the same setting for both sides of the brush roll. When the bristles are at the greatest extension, you should consider replacing your brush roll to ensure maximum performance.

Why is my Kirby vacuum becoming so hard to push? TOP

The vacuum belt has broken or become so stretched that the roller doesn't spin anymore once the vacuum make contact with the ground, or you accidentally lowered the height level of the vacuum cleaner too much. Both answers assume that you do NOT have a Kirby with a self-propel feature.

You may have broken the fan. TOP

If you remove the main head (like you are going to replace the belt), it will expose the fan. Make sure the vacuum is unplugged before you do any of this. Spin the belt motor pulley slowly and view the fan.

You may have a plastic fan that has a broken apart or something is obstructing the fan from spinning.