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Kirby Heritage information

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Kirby Heritage history

The Kirby Heritage was released in 1981 and originally sported grey and orange colours. It is the replacement model for the Kirby Tradition, and gained benefits from a two-speed motor, increasing performance and reliability. The Kirby Heritage also has a different brush roller, doubling the amount of bristles for increased floor contact, and improved pickup.

These improvements raised the bar in terms of performance and durability, building on the success that other Kirby Vacuum models had received.

Kirby Heritage care

Your Kirby vacuum cleaner is a high quality product, and to maintain its performance and reliability you should have it serviced on a regular basis. If your Kirby Heritage has given you years of faithful cleaning, it may have picked up some problems, which can degrade performance.

When we service Kirby Heritage vacuum cleaners, the most common problems that we see are worn brush rollers and belts, as well as warped or broken fans. Genuine Kirby parts are available online and the repairs are straightforward for any Kirby enthusiast.

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