Kirby Heritage II Vacuum Cleaner

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Kirby Heritage II history

The Kirby Heritage II was released in 1984 and was the replacement for the Kirby Heritage. Building on the strong base of the Kirby Heritage, the Heritage II offered improvements over the original. For example the mini-emptor on the Kirby Heritage II was made from plastic rather than aluminium, to decrease weight.

The weight saving continued with the Heritage II having a smaller head, increasing its manoeuvrability.

Kirby Heritage II bags

The Kirby Heritage II originally came with style 3 bags, which had a round fitment as opposed to the Kirby Heritage and Tradition models, which came with an oval bag fitment. The Kirby style 3 bags were discontinued around 2005, and were replaced with the higher quality Generation 3 bags, which are a direct replacement.

The Kirby Heritage II bags can also be upgraded to the later Micron Magic Filtration bags, Micron Magic Hepa bags or Kirby’s highest specification bags, the Micron Magic Hepa Filtration bags with MicroAllergen technology.

Kirby Heritage II bags, belts and supplies